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Moving day

For the blog, that is

After a lot of thought, I've decided that this blog works better as a newsletter.

I really always intended the website as just a way to post updates about our life. But the technical and design aspects of managing a website often got in the way of writing.

Just after the new year, I started a new newsletter on Substack. I have decided it's the 'Alte Frau, New Life 2.0.'

I will leave this blog up for the time being, but I'll gradually move most of the content over to the newsletter archive. If you have been following this blog, I hope you'll move over and consider subscribing on Substack.

Subscriptions to Alte Frau, New Life are free. I may do a paid option with bonus material in the future, but the daily posts and updates will always be free to everyone.

And you can always read the newsletter without subscribing by clicking the 'Let me read it first' option underneath the sign-up box.


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