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Photo Friday: UBahn station at Heidelberger Platz

The appearance and design of of Berlin’s UBahn stations varies widely from place to place reflecting their past as components of different trains sytems and their time in service to divided city.

The UBahn platform at Heidelberger Platz is particularly striking. According to the Berlin government: Built in 1913, the subway station is twice as deep as other stations, since the tunnel section has to go under the incision in the Ringbahn here. Architect Wilhelm Leitgebel designed a train station that resembles a cathedral. Vestibules to the exits close off the central platform at both ends, the platform ceiling was designed as a groined vault and all cladding is made of stone and some tiles. It is incredibly impressive and a testament to the fact that our ancestors not only wanted to display their wealth, but also had a sense of how beauty and aesthetics can uplift people. – District Office of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf


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